Why People Come To ComputerWorks?

First, you don’t want to get stuck with this.

Who would you rather have on the other end of the phone? We opened ComputerWorks so people would have a place to go to get quick, easy, solutions to their computer problems in plain english. We have seen how people have been overcharged for services and we have made sure we always offer a fair price for our expertise. By providing the best quality at a fair low price, we feel we are the solution people have been waiting for.

Our technicians and sales professionals are here to save you time which also saves you money. Most work is completed the same day and all work is guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours if parts are in stock. Free diagnostic and available on-site repairs and service are just a few of the reasons Why ComputerWorks. Our associates and our store is always neat, clean, and organized. We constantly train our associates not only on hardware, software, and technical expertise, but also on customer interaction, politeness, and above all, respect. We pride ourselves on your comfort level in our store or when we come to your business or place of residence. Every associate is drug and alcohol free and is tested and monitored which has helped to maintain our quality.

Why ComputerWorks? The better question is, Why Go Anywhere Else?