ComputerWorks Retail

ComputerWorks is best known for our service. We provide top notch expert service on any and all computer systems. This can range from your every day laptop to high end business to business networking. We also have expertise in apple products and all tablets. Got a cracked screen? We can repair that! Bring us any problem and we’ll take a look at it for FREE! That’s right we have a completely 100% FREE advanced diagnostics! No strings attached. We don’t just stop at computers and tablets, we’ll fix your Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death and your PS3! Bring us any type of electronic and we’ll take a look. Or call us at 865-688-3122

ComputerWorks is not limited to service. We aren’t your typical big box retail front. We have parts in stock that no one else in town carries. We specialize in carrying all parts and accessories needed for your computer. Whether it be for upgrading, repairing, or building a system from the ground up, we have it! See the list below for a short summary of the types items we carry.

ComputerWorks Items: If your needing a part and can’t find it, visit us! Chances are we have that hard to find computer part your looking for! 

  • Motherboards
  • Power Supplies
  • Graphics Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • Memory
  • Computer Cases
  • Processors
  • ALL Cables
  • Networking Cards
  • Internal I/O Cards
  • Fans
  • Sound Cards

Whatever your needs maybe, ComputerWorks has it! Don’t forget, if we do not have the item you need, we can order it!

Our Computer Selection is one of a kind! We have a full selection of New laptops and desktops in stock. We even carry Apple products!

We don’t stop at that, we take it one step further! We are the only store in town that carries refurbished and used computers. We have a full selection of used laptops AND desktops. These Used computers come with a FULL 1 Year Parts & Labor warranty from ComputerWorks. Thats right, not only do you get an affordable computer, you get it with a warranty from a reputable trusted LOCAL seller. Come check out our Used selection TODAY!